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Dabket Ajyal (The generations' Dabkeh)

June 02, 2019

Dabke (Arabic: دبكة‎ also spelled Dabka, Dubki, Dabkeh, plural Dabkaat), is an Arab folk dance native to the Levant. Dabke combines circle dance and line dancing and is widely performed at weddings and other joyous occasions.

Choreography: Dr. Lina Anaissie & Mr. Anthony Chemaly, Mrs. Diane 


JUNE 2ND, 2019

12:30 P.M

Dabket Ajyal (Sawt El Heda), Duet Dance (Dabket Libnan)


1:00 P.M

Dancer Aziza- Ahla Raqisaat Group


1:30 P.M

Dab­­­­ket Ajyal (Sahra El Sharq), Kids Dance (Middle Eastern Dance), Dabket Ajyal (Tallou Tallou El Seyady),


2:00 P.M

Dancer Aziza- Ahla Raqisaat Group


2:30 P.M

Fashion Show


3:00 P.M

Girls Dance (Belly Dance), Guys Dance (Marakebna Al Mina), Kids Dance (Belly Dance)


3:30 P.M

Group Dabke Line Dance


4:00 P.M

Kids Dance (Middle Eastern Dance), Duet Dance (Dabket Libnan)


4:30 P.M



5:00 P.M

Dabket Ajyal (Tallou Tallou El Seyady), Kids Dance (Belly Dance), Dabket Ajyal (Sawt El Heda)


6:00 P.M

Guys Dance, (Marakebna Al Mina), Dabket Ajyal (Shara El Sharq)


6:30 P.M

Live Instrumental Performance by Joseph Haddad

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